Derek Fogg | About
What do you think of when you think of the British Isles?

Do you think of the fascinating history or the stunning landscapes?

Do you think of castle walls or seaside resorts?

Do you think of majestic cliffs or rolling hills?

I think of all this and more.

Hi I’m Derek Fogg, landscape photographer and photo tour guide.

For many years, I have walked, hiked and traveled to the far corners to capture the sublime beauty found throughout the British Isles. From the National Parks to the Heritage Coasts, and everything in between, I can truly say I’ve seen more here than most people ever will.

Growing up, I enjoyed being outdoors. Photography was a natural extension of the love and peace I felt as I was surrounded by natures incredible beauty. Photography became a way to bring the story of what was happening outside to an indoor environment. If a photograph could accurately depict an exact moment in the life of a landscape, whether it be a tranquil loch with soft cloud reflections bouncing off the water, or a field of wild flowers nestled by an old stone church, then I felt the photograph would be close to perfection.

Upon completion of my education, I chose a path outside of photography. With a young family to support, I found myself working long hours in senior management positions. Yet when faced with the opportunity of early retirement, I jumped at the chance to pursue my first love … landscape photography.

Many landscape photographers approach their art form as a way to travel and see the world. For me, I’ve taken a slightly different approach. Instead of focusing on travel, I’ve focused on the one thing I know and love; the British Isles. When I search out each location, I look past the things you’ll find on the “easy” road. I spend considerable amounts of time covering every aspect of a location, looking for the perfect settings. My goal is to then recreate that scene in my work.

I take a slightly different approach to my business. My photography is used in a variety of ways, from stock to licenced, from published to single use in a consumer or business environment. Because I have extensive business management experience, I understand the “how’s” and “why’s” of finding the perfect image to use to represent your business or concept. From travel magazines, to stock images, to workshops and corporate events, I understand your requirements for getting the right images in a timely manner.

My goal is to work with each client to ensure his or her needs are fully met, whether its meeting a deadline for publication date, or ensuring production is completed for a large corporate project.

I am available to help you with your photography needs in a variety of ways.

The Gallery is filled with a selection of images available to purchase in print format. Simply click on your choice and order online. Like an image and want to licence it for use? You may purchase a single use licence directly from the galleries.

I am available for commission. If you need something special to represent your interests, just ask. I am also available for photography tours. From amateurs to professionals, all of my photography tours are customised to meet your specific needs.

If I can help you in any other way, please contact me.

Derek Fogg