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My prints and canvases are available for your business. No matter if its a hotel, restaurant or offices you can choose the images that suit your need.

If you would like to have images of a particular part of the UK I can also provide these for you. Please see below the price guide and feel free to contact me for more information.



Please email me for details of my new rental service £65 per month for 10 images, framed,hung for a year in your office or home


Commissioned Photography
Is there a particular landscape you wish to have photographed? Do you want a bespoke and unique shot for your wall, or a gift for a loved one?
If so why not commission your own photograph! We would start the process with an initial briefing detailing exactly what you are after and where the location will be and the format in which you want it shot. We will then agree a deadline date normally around a two week schedule to give us time, if needed, for a number of shoots.
From here we will hopefully have the final shot, however we will display a number of options. You may then select a size print which will be delivered in our standard delivery format unless stated during the initial briefing that you would like us to arrange framing and mounting.
Prices are dependant on location and travel and as with a landscape we are constrained by the weather so a number of shoots over various days may be required to get the shot. However we would endeavour to get the perfect shot for your home, office, gallery or wherever the intended space will be at a reasonable cost.


At this current time commissions will only be taken for shots within the South West where we are based. To commission us please email below with your details and brief and we will get back to with a rough estimate as soon as we can
Photo Finder Service   Photo Finder Service
Can't see what you are looking for?
Although our choice of prints is extensive and increases on an almost daily basis, we accept that there are always going to be occasions when you simply cannot find what you want.
If you are unable to find the perfect image for your wall on our site, simply send us your requirements using our Contact Form and we will endeavour to source your image for you. Make sure to include as much detail as possible to help us to track the image down.
We make no charge for this service, you just pay the normal price, based upon the size and type of print
Where art meets your wall - big time!
Purchasing an original work of art for the work place has many tried and tested benefits...
It has been found that wall art can help create:
ï A pleasant welcoming atmosphere
ï Helps to boost staff morale
ï Can help build ëbrand awarenessí
... so its not unexpected for one to learn that many businesses choose to build their collection of original art pieces while creating a gallery within their office space.
How can our artwork improve your business environment?
Abstract art is often seen to have the most calming effect on the workplace. The non-objectiveness of each piece leaves interpretation open to the individual and it is for this reason that Abstract art paintings are enormously popular in the corporate world.
All artwork featured on this website is tailor made to suit any commercial environment enhancing brand identity, whilst giving vibrancy and style.
What make us do different?
Titanium Images have worked with interior designers, commercial and individuals clients. We focus in offering a large selection of beautifully created designs, many off which have been hand painted. Much of the artwork can be tailor-made in size and colour to suit your business needs.
Let us take the hassle away for you!
We also appreciate that not everyone has the ability - or the time - to spend time on searching for a piece that suits all your needs so if you require any help and advice then our Colour and Interior Design consultants are at hand to discuss the different options that may be available to you.
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Augment your business environment with a print group of prints for your conference room, reception area, board room, work spaces, and corridors